An International Litigation Practice. Attorney Clifford K. NkeyasenThe attorneys at Clifford K. Nkeyasen, PLLC are at the cutting edge of high stakes consumer or corporate litigation. We have a proven track record of handling complex domestic or international litigation over energy, banking, shipping, construction, water rights, and commodities disputes. Our experience with litigation abroad includes cases both before local tribunals and in arbitration.

We live in an electronic world. E-discovery has transformed litigation and has created new risks and opportunities for tech-savvy attorneys and counselors. The attorneys at Clifford K. Nkeyasen, PLLC are well versed in critical early e-discovery protocol and cost effectively managing the collection and production of electronically stored information (ESI) and metadata. Smart records management helps reduce data management and storage costs and, at the same time, achieve e-discovery readiness.

We are more than trial lawyers. We are trusted business advisors counseling clients to avoid risk. We offer innovative alternative fee arrangements, based upon results, not just the number of hours worked. Value-based billing is structured to define the goals of a particular engagement, allows the client to manage and predict costs, and allocates risk – making the firm and the client partners in the litigation process.

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